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Disconnected DFS

  • Create a recursive function that takes the index of node and a visited array.
  • Mark the current node as visited and print the node.
  • Traverse all the adjacent and unmarked nodes and call the recursive function with index of adjacent node.
  • Run a loop from 0 to number of vertices and check if the node is unvisited in previous DFS then call the recursive function with current node.

O(V + E) , O(V).

void Graph::DFSUtil(int v, bool visited[]) 
    visited[v] = true; 
    cout << v << " "; 

    list<int>::iterator i; 
    for(i = adj[v].begin(); i != adj[v].end(); ++i) 
            DFSUtil(*i, visited); 

void Graph::DFS() 
    bool *visited = new bool[V]; 
    for (int i = 0; i < V; i++) 
        visited[i] = false; 

    for (int i = 0; i < V; i++) 
        if (visited[i] == false) 
            DFSUtil(i, visited);