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Branch & Bound

combinatorial optimization problems.

exponential in terms of time complexity

exploring all possible permutations

We can use Backtracking to optimize the Brute Force solution. In the tree representation, we can do DFS of tree. If we reach a point where a solution no longer is feasible, there is no need to continue exploring. In the given example, backtracking would be much more effective if we had even more items or a smaller knapsack capacity.

The backtracking based solution works better than brute force by ignoring infeasible solutions. We can do better (than backtracking) if we know a bound on best possible solution subtree rooted with every node. If the best in subtree is worse than current best, we can simply ignore this node and its subtrees. So we compute bound (best solution) for every node and compare the bound with current best solution before exploring the node.

Branch and bound is very useful technique for searching a solution but in worst case, we need to fully calculate the entire tree. At best, we only need to fully calculate one path through the tree and prune the rest of it.